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...everything I am leads back to Almond Road.
— Jess James

Raised in a small town in Northern California, Jessica spent the majority of her childhood in a beautiful home on Almond Road.

She watched her parents renovate the 60 year old property room by room and quickly learned the value of sweat equity. Her mom taught her the beauty of a reclaimed piece of furniture and that sometimes less is more when it comes to decor. It was in that home she learned to cook her first meal and that presentation is everything because you eat with your eyes first.

After graduating from college and moving to Los Angeles she spent two years designing her first place as an adult - an open loft filled with a mix of shabby chic furniture (inspired by her moms love of modern farmhouse decor) and unique pieces that caught her eye. The loft helped her find her personal style and come to the realization that not only was her taste ever-evolving , she also appreciated multiple styles of interior design.

In 2015 she decided to purchase her first property, a tiny 460 sq ft slice of real estate in Burbank, CA . Attempting to make the small studio feel open and inviting was a welcomed challenge. As she redesigned the space she realized that this was the first place she could honestly say felt like home since she lived on Almond Road . It was the pieces of furniture that were passed down from her parents , the D.I.Y projects she spent countless hours creating , the dishes she cooked in her small but functional kitchen , and the comfort she got when she walked through the door after a long day that felt so familiar.

This blog is a culmination of home decor , interior design spotted on her travels, food and D.I.Y projects all inspired by the place that helped Jessica define what the word home truly means. “ Everything I do , everything I cook , everything I am leads back to Almond Road.”