Cow Skull Decor : Wall Light DIY

In 2014 I fell in love with the reclaimed bull skulls floating around Pinterest and Tumblr but couldn’t bring myself to pay the price tags of over $150.00 that most people were asking .

After months of looking, my mom stumbled upon this treasure at a flea market for $80. It was perfectly symmetrical and weathered with manageable sized horns still intact (all features I struggled to find elsewhere).

With a wet cloth we were able to clean it up and add some interest by spraying the horns a metallic silver. We took this wall decor piece one step further by adding a light bulb behind the mouth for some additional light in that otherwise dark corner of the room.

By using zip ties and a hook nailed into the wall, we were able to safely secure it in place. A surge protector that can be turned off and on by stepping on the switch allows us to control it easily.

Want to make one yourself?

If you’re not having any luck running into one at a flea market, try sourcing a bullhead from ETSY which offers skulls with horns intact from around $150 – $300 .

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