Modern Concrete Planter : GEOMETRIC FOSSILS


I have become somewhat of a collector of fun plant holders. The smaller the plant the harder it is not to fall in love.

Originally discovered at the Melrose Trading post in 2016, geometric cement plant holders made by Geometric Fossils were the spark to my obsession that I can’t seem to shake.

My first ‘adoption’ was this tiny succulent. He was perfect in size, and only $25, I couldn’t leave it behind. . I’m not going to lie and say the others I left behind don’t haunt me also… because they still do, especially the Triangle one!

Lucky for me (and you!) they have a website with an Etsy store where I can buy, buy, buy until my tiny-plant-lover’s heart is content. Without the plant included, the little one I bought is only $13 !!! Stop by their store and let me know which one is your favorite!

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