Air Conditioner Cover : Easy DIY Project


One of the few things I promised myself when buying my first place is that I would have central air. The only thing more disgusting than a wall-mounted air conditioning unit is being in the Valley of Los Angeles. during the summer with no A/C.

I mean seriously people… it can reach over 100 degrees and I’ve slept on the floor one too many times trying to convince myself of the whole “heat rises so it must be colder down here” thing.

So… fortunately I won’t have to battle the summer heat in my apartment…

…unfortunately .. I didn’t get a place with central air so a  LARGE a/c wall unit eats up some prime real estate on my wall. Definitely a compromise I was reluctant to agree on.

Air Conditioner Cover

This creative cover built from 2 wooden wall decor panels is a perfect solution to this common problem. By building a “shadow box” using a panels with a design that allows air to flow in and out of the unit easily, I can keep cool without having to look at that ugly thing every day.

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