Mothers Day Crafts : Easy DIY Coasters


In 2016 I wanted to try my hand at making a mother’s day gift and decided on tea coasters. Looking back this can be the perfect gift for a birthday gift OR the sweetest holiday present this December!

What You’ll Need: 

1. 4″ x 4″ glass squares.

I Purchased mine off of Amazon , CLICK HERE to easily purchase the 6 beveled squares you will need to make 3 coasters.

2. Fresh picked flowers or a bouquet from a local florist/ grocery store. I chose baby’s breath because the small blooms carry less water and can be dried out easily. The white hydrangea took a little longer to dry but ended up being beautiful.

Pressing a drying flowers can take WEEKS to do it the proper way. But if you find yourself needing this gift ASAP, choosing flowers that can dry easily is very important. Flowers that aren’t dried properly will end up molding later!

3. Stained glass copper foil tape. A large roll was only about $9.90.

4.  Small microwave safe porcelain plates and a Microwave.

5. A paper towel roll

6. A clamp (optional).

7. Glass glue (optional).

Mothers Day Crafts

Lay a piece of paper towel over one of your plates and arrange the flowers on top of the paper towel so that they do not overlap.

Sandwich them between another piece of paper towel and place 2-3 more plates on top as weight to start pressing the flowers.

Place in your microwave for 30 seconds at a time. Each time, remove your flowers and replace the paper towel to ensure we are absorbing as much moisture as possible.

This took about 2-3 times for the babies breath and 5-7 times for the hydrangea.

Once they are dry, press them between more paper towel and a stack of books. Let sit for 12-24 hours.

Mothers Day Crafts

When ready, arrange your dried flowers and sandwich them between the glass panes. A clamp is useful to keep the flowers from shifting. Feel free to also use a small amount of glue as well. I decided against the glue to avoid any excess glue becoming visible when it dried.

Starting at one corner, place the foiled copper tape along the edges and smooth out with the side of a pencil or scissors. Complete around all 4 sides.

Personalize them with a small note or a picture .

Mothers Day Crafts

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