After reading an old post from Honestly WTF , I decided that 2018 would be the year I attempted to create my own DIY Wreath. I can admit I have an appreciation for full, beautiful holiday wreaths, something more modern and minimal is clearly more my style.


After narrowing it down to a few styles, I decided to take a stab at one inspired by Freckle & Wulff and hope for the best. I took a trip to Michael’s, searched for nearly 30 minutes online & did a reverse image search on Google, and I still could NOT track down the same metal ring with hanger hook they originally used.

Determined to get as close as possible to the wreath they created, I did the next best thing - created my own. I also couldn’t decide if i wanted to use fresh greenery or faux - so I used a blend of both. I have linked all the supplies on Amazon below to make finding the supplies that much easier.


What You Will Need :

  1. Greenery - Faux or Real … it’s up to you. I used real assorted greenery , eucalyptus leaves, and babies breath and fake cotton .

  2. Metal floral Ring

  3. 18 Gauge Wire

  4. Wooden Craft Beads (yes I’ve used these beads in 3 projects so far - they were cheap, I have a small obsession with them & there were like 100 in the pack. Don’t judge me!)

  5. Floral tape

  6. Scissors

  7. Needle Nose Pliers w/ Wire Cutter


  8. Hot Glue Gun.

How to Assemble :


  1. Create the “hanger hook” using the 18 gauge wire by wrapping it around something cylindrical. I used a thin vase but a pillar candle or glass could also work - get crafty with something you have lying around the house.

  2. Once you have created the rounded hook, use your pliers to bend in the sharp end into a loop.

  3. Add 3 wooden craft beads (or 1 long wooden bead) onto the wire and cut it with enough excess length to wrap around our metal ring securely.

  4. Once attached to the metal ring, cut off any excess wire using your the wire cutter.

  1. Now that you have the base of your wreath, attach your eucalyptus leaves ( or whatever greenery you have) with floral tape.

  2. I attached the faux cotton using the existing wires on the back. If you decide to add faux cotton but do not have wire , hot glue will do the trick.

  3. Start layering your greenery until you achieve the fullness you want using leaves to strategically cover your floral tape as much as you can . Feel free to leave some of the metal ring exposed like I did, or completely cover it.


Within minutes you have a beautiful modern wreath that is not only perfect for the holidays but can be displayed year round.

Save this easy how-to tutorial for later using the Pinterest pin below:


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